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Jun 23, 2017. In August 1979, BusinessWeek boldly claimed “The Death of Equities” in the United States. The article encapsulated investor's frustration that equities had failed to live up to their reputation as an inflation hedge. Over the preceding decade, nominal equity returns had amounted to just 3.1% per year but.

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Peter Thal Larsen tweets out this pic: Peter Thal Larsen As everybody with knowledge of financial media history, the "Death Of Equities" was a famous BusinessWeek cover back in 1979. Of course, this is what the market looks like.


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Carter made his speech six months prior to the Miracle. Not coincidentally, this was just one month after the most famous cover story in Wall Street history, BusinessWeek’s "Death of Equities" prophecy of doom which hit the news stands.

Jan 29, 2017. The August 13, 1979 issue of BusinessWeek ran a cover story titled “The Death Of Equities.” The article took an incredibly negative or bearish view toward equities with no expectation for them to improve anytime soon. To a contrarian, this makes perfect sense. The Dow had topped out at 990 in 1966 and.

Go to Paul Kedrosky’s site and check out the 1979 Business Week cover ‘The Death of Equities.’ Henry has more, examples. My colleague Damon Darlin, a man wise in the ways of the magazine covers, writes, “I based these.

Oct 21, 2011. both from the October 3 issues of the Wall Street Journal: “Spooked Investors Make a Run for Safety” and “Beware of Market Rallies.” These headlines may not be as gloomy as Business Week's infamous “Death of Equities” cover in 1979, not long before the start of one of the greatest bull markets ever.

It brings to mind the infamous 1979 Business Week magazine cover that pronounced the "Death of Equities" after a decade of dismal stock market returns. The consensus view at the time was that inflation hedges were the best place to.

Aug 1, 2012. Yesterday, Bill Gross wrote a widely panned piece on how after decades, it was now going to be lights-out for the stock market. And today we get word from BofA that sell-side strategists haven't been this bearish in 27 years. You pretty much have no choice but to be thinking of BusinessWeek's famous.

Aug 28, 2010. And here's BusinessWeek from 1979: "At least seven million shareholders have defected from the stock market since 1970, leaving equities more than ever the province of giant institutional investors." Read BusinessWeek story. "Further, this ' death of equity' can no longer be seen as something a stock.

Aug 27, 2010. While not as sweeping—or categorical—as the 1979 Business Week piece, the Times article also captured a mood of deepening pessimism among investors. Today, the Business Week cover is remembered as a sign that investors had “ thrown in the towel”—the capitulation that signals the end of a bear.

Apple gave Chief Executive Tim Cook and other top executives a big boost in compensation for fiscal 2017, as the company exceeded annual sales and profit goals. Apotex Faces Uncertainty After Founder’s Mysterious Death The.

May 26, 2012. The Financial Times last week, in a much-discussed page one tease for a long article about investors' disdain of stocks, asked, "The Death of Equities?" Like the infamous August 1979 "Death of Equities" Business Week cover it echoes (which eventually proved a vivid contrary indicator), the FT piece is.

Nov 16, 2017. The magazine cover indicator says that a dramatic magazine cover story ( typically a major business magazine like Fortune or BusinessWeek) can be a contrary indicator. The most famous example is BusinessWeek's The Death of Equities cover in August 1979, which preceded the biggest bull market.

Many declare the “cult of the equity” dead. The story may evoke a feeling of déjà vu for some. Especially those who read the August 13, 1979 edition of BusinessWeek, which famously also announced ‘the death of equities’. Admittedly, it.

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A famous example is a 1979 cover of BusinessWeek titled "The Death of Equities ". The '70s had been a generally bad decade for the stock market and at the time the article was written the Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 800. However, 1979 roughly marked a turning point, and stocks went on to enjoy a bull market for.

Nov 28, 2014. Corrections and clarifications: An earlier version of this column misstated the publication that proclaimed the "death of equities." It was Business Week, not Barron's. One of the enduring myths in investing is that small investors are nimrods, lovably and haplessly doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Hedge funds are fleeing gold in favour of equities while India and China lose their physical gold buying crowns.

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Atlanta-based upstart IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) just confirmed that it will buy NYSE Euronext, owner of the New York Stock Exchange. all of this Death of Equities talk — reminiscent of the 1979 Businessweek cover that nearly nailed.

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I remember a similar period 30 years ago when, after a particularly frustrating decade, investors eschewed equities with such fervor that the cover article of Business Week in August 1979 boldly proclaimed "The Death of Equities." I.

one that was given last rites by the classic BusinessWeek cover a couple years later. the very bottom of the market. "The Death of Equities." It was hard not to recall these things as I saw many of my old friends at the party, many of.

The path forward for Apotex is uncertain following the sudden death of founder and chairman Barry Sherman. Apple Boosts Pay of CEO Cook, Other Executives A year after delivering an unusual pay cut, Apple gave Chief Executive.

May 17, 2017. In 1979, BusinessWeek famously published its cover declaring the “Death of Equities.” Inflation was running in double-digits while unemployment rose as “ stagflation” riddled the economy. In the months around Watergate, there was certainly political turmoil for investors to worry about, but the economic.

That being the BusinessWeek magazine Aug. 13, 1979, cover story headlined, “The Death of Equities.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed that day around 875. It closed on Tuesday at about 13009. You do the math. Throw in the.

Bill Gross of PIMCO released his equivalent of the famous Businessweek headline, “Death of Equities” on Aug 13, 1979 this morning. Meanwhile, we have had very positive earnings surprises from Carlisle Companies, Inc. (NYSE:CSL),

Oct 16, 2017. Businessweek predicted the “death of equities” in a 1979 cover story that detailed how some investors had replaced stock allocations with nontraditional investments such as precious metals, fine art and even Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises after a decade of lackluster returns. While the.

Aug 13, 1979. Further, this “death of equity” can no longer be seen as something a stock market rally—however strong—will check. It has persisted for more than 10 years through market rallies, business cycles, recession, recoveries, and booms. The public was first drawn to equities in big numbers in the 1950s by a.

The first is the death last week of Thomas J. Stanley, coauthor of the bestselling book "The Millionaire Next Door," in a car accident. started with extreme undervaluations in the equity market. BusinessWeek’s famous (or infamous).

Aug 14, 2012. The classic example is the famous 1979 Businessweek cover story “The Death of Equities,” which came out less than three years before a massive bull market began. After 10 years of stagnation, the Dow tripled between 1982 and 1987. There's no guarantee, of course, that stocks are going to triple over.

But if you are a small company, a few million dollars a year in compliance costs.

Dec 2, 2017. Stocks languished for years following the 1973-74 bear market, which led to the infamous Death of Equities Business Week cover story from 1979. Here are some stats from that piece that sound eerily similar to the more recent stock ownership figures: The problem is not merely that there are 7 million fewer.

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“As students and citizens across the nation weigh the merits of the historical legacies that conflict with contemporary norms of equity and inclusion. the bottom in.

Aug 01, 2012  · The Death Of Equities revisited. You Can’t Help But Think Right Now About The Most Infamous BusinessWeek Cover Of All Time

Feldman Equities, a St. Petersburg-based developer headed by Larry Feldman, filed plans for a 52-story, mixed-use building at Ashley Drive and Brorein Street.

Mar 6, 2014. The infamous 1979 Businessweek cover story entitled “The Death of Equities” is widely viewed as one of the best contrarian indicators of all-time. Stocks went on to have one of the greatest bull markets in history not too long after this story was published. But when I read through the original article recently I.

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May 25, 2012. (MoneyWatch) Perhaps the most infamous of all market forecasts is "The Death of Equities," the cover story of the August 13, 1979 edition of BusinessWeek. In it, the magazine argued that "for better or for worse. the U.S. economy probably has to regard the death of equities as a near-permanent condition.

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Mar 9, 2009. Reports of the Death of Equities: Greatly Exaggerated. business. Value vs. Momentum. The current time reminds me of two periods when it was similarly lonely to advocate attention to value: 1) 1999, when Internet stocks fueled a mega-mania. go down, day after day, week after week, month after month.

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U.S. stocks ended lower on Friday after news surrounding former national-security adviser Michael Flynn added an element of political uncertainty into markets, though.

MUMBAI: A sense of grief gripped Bank of America Merrill Lynch India top executives early morning today when they received an overseas call informing the sudden death of Saumil Shah (47), head of equities, who was known as a.

In the stock market there is a second dynamic at work, it’s investor psychology. It isn’t just what the underlying business is doing, it’s what other investors are.

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